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About Maria


Why am I telling you this well because you can see something can be made from nothing. And that when I work with you you know I have done the work myself.  Whatever struggles you are encountering  you can get through it.

 At 17 I ran a Social Action Group at Cassio College in Watford. At 19 I volunteered for the Samaritans on their Sunday afternoon telephone lines under the guidance of Chad Varah. From then I trained as a teacher of English and Drama. 

I created and ran Jongleurs Comedy Clubs in 1983 which I started by myself with an overdraft of £300 and a bicycle as collateral. 

In 2000 the business of 8 clubs was sold and the name was exclusive licensed to clubs were bought by Regent Inns.  From there a further 8 clubs were created.  This made Jongleurs Comedy Clubs the largest global comedy chain. 

I wanted to train as a psychotherapist as my catholic parents who were incredible people had been prisoners of war in Siberia by the Russians left them with CPTSD.  My fathers family was murdered by the Nazi's and uncle in Auschwitz. My mother's first husband was murdered in the Katyn Massacre and she lost her whole family.  I saw the effect of the war on their  lives and the secondary traumatic impact it made on  children. of war.  I was born to my family to make 4 children at that time and in one room in Paddington.  I was raised in South Oxhey council estate near Watford where my second sister was born.  At school  organised regular charity fund raising events as a teenager and ran a social action group at college in Watford.  This underpins my life. I now have 2 amazing children who give the most significant meaning to my life.





I have run several successful businesses including founding and developing Jongleurs, the largest chain of comedy clubs in the UK. 


My independent practice is in West London and I have been in practice for over 20 years.

Therapy offers a safe, reliable relationship while supporting a process of change or crisis. This can also be helpful in challenging unhelpful patterns both in thought and behaviour. It offers a safe place for reflection. My style of therapy includes the practical as well as the emotional.

While my approach can be helpful to almost anything you want to look at, I have particular experience of working with:


  • High level of Stressful Emotional Impact on Business Life. 

  • Internal Boardroom and Managerial Pressure.

  • Leadership Pressure 

  • Bereavement and grief 

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Substance misuse and recovery

  • Relationship problems

  • PTSD

  • Bullying

  • Abuse both physical and Mental

  • Suicidal Ideation

  • All Areas of Stress in Stage Performance

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