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"Maria....helped build a solid rapport from the very beginning..uncovered the best coping mechanism and discovering my own way to deal with things going forward...i particularly liked the way in which Maria guided me to find the solutions... it's like being shown how to find the right door yourself...this enabled me to in starting my own business. I would recommend anyone looking for help in moving forward in life, psychologically or not you will not go far wrong with Maria." 



 "Understanding our employees intrinsic personality traits Maria gave us the opportunity to allow people to be more effective and bring forward their strengths and cover their weaknesses. It is like having a different business, productivity is up and job satisfaction is on a new level".




"Dr. Maria Kempinska is a remarkable business and life coach. Using psychotherapy mixed with an incredible background in business, she is focused on helping clients like me, get results while remaining focused and calm through various trauma’s of life. Running a business while mixing life’s challenges is often traumatic. For me I have faced huge trauma while having to focus on providing for my family. Dr. Maria has been a life line but also so practical in her approach I have been able to find my way through an emotional maze while capitalising on business / wealth to get me through. "



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